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To deliver these journeys we have developed partnerships with rafting companies that are already well established in Peru. Years of experience working on Peruvian rivers means they can expertly cover logistics and equipment; allowing our guides to focus on providing a tour specialized to highlight the Marañón River.

This kind of partnership allows us to positively influence how tourism develops on the Marañón through collaboration. Unlike most companies, we would love it more competition develops in this market in the future. If we can inspire another company to offer better quality tours on the Marañón this is a huge win for the river and the local communities.

Whether you come with us or go with a competitor as they emerge is not our concern; we hope the information presented here has inspired you. Just make sure you see this river before it is too late.

How we contribute

After covering running costs to keep the lights on we use everything left to support the Marañón Waterkeeper and river conservation projects. Marañón Waterkeeper is part of the global Waterkeeper Alliance; Waterkeeper projects facilitate grass roots action on the ground, legal assistance for local communities and enforce environmental laws to protect the river.

We encourage every participant on our trips to become a steward of the river; whether hosting a presentation about the Marañón in their local community or completing fundraising for river protection initiatives. Community support is what these initiatives are built on.logo_rgb400


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