“Between canyon walls the Marañón roars like a caged puma”


Maranon River Rafting Journeys


The Marañón River is one of the most unique river rafting and kayaking journeys on the planet. A mixture of world class whitewater rafting, tranquil moments, breathtaking scenery, heart warming cultural exchange in remote villages, endemic flora and fauna and stunning side trips to waterfalls, ruins and ancient rock art, rafting the Maranon River is an experience you’ll never forget.

We are experts in travel and expeditions down the Marañón River, and we strive to be the best. Our Marañón Experience is second to none, we love this river and we’re sure you will too.


Raft the Heart of the Marañón
7 Day Tour

This river rafting journey is suitable for almost all ages and experience levels. Let our expert guides show you through the incredible Grand Canyon of South America, including side trips to pristine pools, cascading waterfalls, isolated Andean villages and ancient rock paintings.
Access to the Heart of the Maranon River is unparalleled with fly in access to national airports located less than 3 hours from the start and finish points.

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Outfitting Service, Gear Rentals & Custom Expeditions
1-30+ Day Trips

Let us build a custom itinerary around your dream Marañón River rafting journey, or we can outfit/ provide gear rentals to your experienced group of river runners for a once in a lifetime expedition. Trip length can vary from 1-30+ days. A luxury float, row your own adventure, exploratory mission or scientific investigation; whatever you need our team can make it happen.

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Rock Art and Marañón River Rafting
3 Day Tour

Three day river rafting adventures depart year round from Bagua, Jaén and Chachapoyas. Float through the stunning Red Canyon, travel to some of the most remote pools & waterfalls in Peru, drink the freshest coffee in the world and see ancient riverside rock art.
This is one of the best short rafting tours in the world!

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Upcoming Departures.


Departures 2021

Trip Start Date Custom Dates Available on Request
Group departures depend on meeting minimum occupancy.
27 – 29 May Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450 / $350
30 May – 10 June Fully Guided 8D/8N Heart of the Marañón $1740 / $2090
8 -10 June Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450/$350
1 – 3 July Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450 / $350
4 – 15 July Fully Guided 8D/8N Heart of the Marañón $1740 / $2090
13 – 15 July Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450 / $350
29-31 July Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450 / $350
1-12 August Fully Guided 8D/8N Heart of the Marañón $1740 / $2090
10-12 August Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450 / $350
15-17 August Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450 / $350
18 – 29 August Fully Guided 8D/8N Heart of the Marañón $1740 / $2090
27 – 29 August Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450 / $350
12-14 Sep Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450/$350
15-26 Sep Fully Guided 8D/8N Heart of the Marañón $1740 / $2090
24 – 26 Sep Rock Art & Rafting, 2D/2N $450/$350
2-14 October Private: Chagual – Puerto Malleta
18-20 November Rock Art & Rafting 3 Day $450/$350

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We exist to support and grow the network of people who care for the Maranon River.


We do this by creating alternative income streams, an ecotourism economy and pathways which enable people to focus on protection of the watershed.
We help people to visit the river so they will be more likely to play a role in its protection in the future.

Our profits go to protect the river and foster sustainable development in local communities.


What we do is simple. We will take you down one of the most stunning and unique stretches of river that this world has to offer, the best raft journey on earth, in unforgettable style. Join us anytime on a rafting and kayaking expedition down the Grand Canyon of South America, the Source of the Amazon- The Marañón River.

Some companies would call all this Ecotourism, for us it is much much more than a catch phrase. Join us and you will see.

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