We offer a full outfitting service for rafting the Marañón River. Contact us to hire equipment and logistics services for your Painless Private, Row-Your-Own or Fully Guided Custom Journey.

We can set you up with 16′ and 14′ Oar Rafts, passenger rafts, kitchen, coolers, water filters, emergency gear and cultural river guides to help you on your way and ensure a smooth journey. We also offer full food packs for your group to make sure you don’t get eddied out in a Peruvian market before your journey.

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Contact us for route information, more detailed itineraries and discounts that might be applicable to your group.

Suggested Trips:

  • 8 days – Heart of the Marañón – Download Itinerary & Brochure Here
    -Class III – IV
    -Balsas – Puerto Malleta
  • 7 (or 5) days – Tranquil Canyon
    -Class II (with two large class IV rapids)
    -Chagual – Balsas (or Calemar to Balsas)
  • 6 Days – Inner Canyon .
    – Class IV-(V with mandatory portage at Wasson’s Landslide)
    – 80 km
    – Huchus – Chagual
  • 7 Days – Upper Canyon
    – Class IV
    – 125 km
    -Puchka – Huchus
  • 25-30 Days – Whole Canyon
    Raft the entire raftable section of the Marañón, 500km of class II-III-IV-(V portage)
    Include additional days to complete extra side hikes and time to relax in the best locations.

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Water Levels and When to Come:

The ‘Heart of the Marañon’ and ‘Tranquil Canyon sections are raftable year round, the Upper sections are generally only run from late May until early November.

In the dry season, expect perfect weather: Days will be sunny and warm, nights will be comfortble and almost zero chance of rain on your whole trip.

In the highwater wet season (December-May) rainstorms are possible, and large fluctuations in water level can change the character of the river quite quickly.

Contact us to organize your custom Marañon journey

This could be:

A no frills ‘row your own’ raft journey outfitted for your group river runners.
(Deluxe no-stress: fully catered, including all logistics and cultural guide/ translator).
Fully Guided journey on the Upper Reaches of the Marañón
(15, 25 or 30 day sections are popular!)
A fully guided private journey with all the extra bells and whistles that you can imagine.
A month long exploratory canyoneering expedition.
Kayaking from the source of the river at 4200m.

If you can dream of it, our team has the experience and know how to put together your journey on the budget you require.


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We offer the best Peruvian and International river guides, high quality equipment outfitting service and excellent customer service; all at very competitive prices. If you are thinking of a trip down the Marañón, let us create the best possible Marañón Experience for you.

Examples of our work:

School’s In – 2019 Telluride Academy

In July 2019 we hosted Telluride Academy, putting together a 6 day itinerary for the students aged 12 to 16. The spent 3 days Bosque Berlin, private conservation area in Northern Peru. Here they learned about the endemic Wooly Tailed Yellow Monkeys, life in rural Peru, and how Leyda Rimarachin and her family care for this amazing rainforest. From here it was an extremely scenic drive into the Marañón Canyon where we ran a customised Rafting and Rock Art Itinerary for the students.
Thanks to Telluride for the opportunity to meet these students and share with them the story of the Marañón!

Thompson Rivers University – 2019

In May 2019, the students of Thompson Rivers University planned, organised and lead their own expedition on the Marañón. This was part of one of their final assessment to become adventure guides. We provided all equipment, base logistics, interpretive guides to understand the local culture and safety kayakers as an additional safety net. On this trip the water level was pumping and it pushed the students to their limit, but everyone came out on the other side with big smiles and incredible experiences. Thanks to these amazing student and their instructors, and we will always look forward to next year when we host TRU again!

Her Odyssey

A women’s journey the length of the Americas

June-July 2018

Her Odyssey are travelling the length of the Americas (tip of Patagonia to top of Alaska) by non-motorised means. We were happy to help give their weary feet a rest on their way north, as we rafted happily due north for 500km and 28 days down the Grand Canyon of the Amazon. Fidgit, Neon and Cloudbuster joined for the whole 28 day descent, whilst more friends joined midway for the final 8 days on-river, through the ‘Heart of the Marañón.

Avocado Collective

First Descent Canyoning in the Marañón Valley

June-Jule 2017

The Avocado Collective journey was put together under seemingly impossible parameters. For 30 days on river with a group of 16 students (8 kayakers) we provided the most basic, low cost outfitting imaginable. 1 translator/cargo raft guide, 1 passenger raft and 1 cargo raft with enough space for food, normal river gear AND a mountain of ropes, harnesses, drills, anchors and all kind of climbing/canyoning hardwear… All to be delivered on a shoestring student budget.
Needless to say, we delivered and the results were stunning. The group completed five epic first decent canyons, and definitely proved that there is more to be discovered in the Marañón.

Filming on the Marañón

Lights, Cameras, Action!

June 2015

Outfitting & coordination for 21 days.  We coordinated logistics for the 6 raft strong, 18 person crew which included 4 camera people (including all accompanying camera gear), a sound person, presenters to conduct educational presentations in villages + generator, sound system & projector. Crazy itinerary with many pre determined layovers meant we needed to keep on track for the whole trip.

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