We exist to support and grow the network of people who care for the Maranon River.


We do this by creating alternative income streams, an ecotourism economy and pathways which enable people to focus on protection of the watershed.
We help people to visit the river so they will be more likely to play a role in its protection in the future.

Our profits go to protect the river and foster sustainable development in local communities.


What we do is simple. We will take you down one of the most stunning and unique stretches of river that this world has to offer, the best raft journey on earth, in unforgettable style. Join us anytime on a rafting and kayaking expedition down the Grand Canyon of South America, the Source of the Amazon- The Marañón River.

Some companies would call all this Ecotourism, for us it is much much more than a catch phrase. Join us and you will see.

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