August 13, 2018 Benjamin Webb

What is the weather like on the river?

This section of the Marañón is warm and dry; we travel through desert-like canyons and dry forests for the majority of the journey. Throughout the day you probably want sunscreen, long sleeves, long pants/legging and a hat(while on side hikes) to protect from the sun and to protect from no-see-ums.

While on the water, most people prefer quick dry pants (or shorts with legging) and a quick-dry shirt; however, if you are prone to feeling the cold then bring a thin wetsuit top or thermal top. You can also bring a rain jacket or whitewater to wear in case the wind picks up or if we encounter a brief shower.

It is very unlikely to have any rain throughout the dry season (June-Sep).

In the wet season (October-May), it is possible to to get several days of rain on your trip and fluctuating water levels.

Low High
Average Temperatures throughout journey 20°C
Seasonal Water Temperatures 18°C

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