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Whitewater Rafting and kayaking on the Maranon River, Peru. Let us take you on a tour down the Grand Canyon of South America. We are experts in rafting in Peru; especially river rafting in Northern Peru! We love river journeys down the Marañón River and are sure that you will too.
What we do is simple. We will take you on a rafting expedition through one of the most stunning canyons in unforgettable style, and afterwards can show you the best tourist sites in Northern Peru, some well off the beaten track if that’s what you’re after. We cater for all group sizes and custom dates and operate to the highest standards. Book your Peruvian Rafting tour today. We offer outfitting service and gear rental for boaters wanting painless private trips, and also fully guided all inclusive packages.

Rafting and kayaking rentals in Peru, no worries we have you covered.  Looking for whitewater in south America? We can sort you out.  Looking for the best multi-day rafting and kayaking in Peru and in South America? This is definitely the best place for multi-day kayaking and rafting, you need to look no further than the Grand Canyon of South America. The Grand Canyon of Peru offers the very best River journey in latin america. Not sure about water levels or the season here in Peru? Just ask us, or better yet check out this article we have already prepared!

If you are interested in rafting in Peru, kayaking in Peru look no further than Marañón Experience. To raft in Northern Peru is a unique kind of river experience.

On our trips you will find professional guides, top quality equipment, superb catering and unrivaled customer service.


Every person who has rafted through this isolated section of the Marañón River is moved by the unique blend of breathtaking scenery and heartwarming cultural exchange. This is a diverse, changing landscape, you will not just be travelling through, your presence here will leave a lasting impact on what the future of this river will become; similarly the humble, inviting local people and stunning vistas will leave an  indelible mark on your memory.

Rafting a true wild river, sit by the campfire at night on deserted sandy beaches swapping stories. Taste Peruvian and international culinary delights, sample local wine and beer. Fall asleep listening to the sounds of the Marañón flowing timelessly by, and wake to the sound of a hundred different species of bird, many of which are endemic to this valley alone. We are working with some of the most talented outdoor guides in the world, to offer you the Marañón Experience.


Aside from being one of the world’s premiere expedition style river journeys, there are few places on earth where you can see so clearly how rapidly the world is changing around us. This is a rich, thought provoking cultural experience. This is an endangered journey, but with your help it can become a protected one.


We exist to support a growing network of people who care for the Maranon River.


We do this by creating alternative income streams and pathways which enable people to focus on protection of this watershed.

Our profits go to protect the river and foster sustainable development in local communities.


What we do is simple. We will take you rafting through one of the most stunning and unique stretches of river that this world has to offer.

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